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Create dainty custom works of art with our Delicate Lace series. The fine details of the design are easily obtained with our quality Silk Screen stencils.


There are three reusable unique designs that will bring your creations to the next level.


Each silkscreen stencil measures 8 inches wide × 9 inches high


Each package contains THREE individual Silk Screen Stencils with assorted designs.


*This silkscreen stencil collection comes complete with a squeegee hand applicator.


The Belles and Whistles Silkscreen Stencils create bold, detailed designs on a variety of surfaces.

Each set contains 3 adhesive stencils.

Each stencil is reusable up to 10 times.


$24.95 Regular Price
$14.95Sale Price
  • Remove stencil from the white backer sheet. Position the stencil on your project.

    Apply a thin layer of paint. Remove the silkscreen and clean promptly after use with soap and water.

    Allow the stencil to dry sticky side up on a paper towel and put back on the white backer sheet once dried.

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